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Here is a list of all the products we sell. They can be ordered via this Google Form for pickup at our house, at one of the markets we are a vendor at, or we do deliveries depending on order size and distance, and we do ship as well.

We also wholesale products (and offer larger sizes), for information on that or any other questions, please contact Chad Flint through email at chadflint33@gmail.com or cell phone 5852592968

Maple Syrup and Other Maple Products

Maple Syrup
**All of our Syrup is Dark Robust**

Gallon $47.00

Half Gallon $27.00

Quart $15.00

Pint $9.00

Half Pint $5.00

Quarter Pint $3.00

Other Maple Products

8oz Maple Sugar $8.00

16oz Maple Sugar $14.00

5oz Maple Cream $4.50

10oz Maple Cream $8.00

2oz Maple Candy $3.00

2oz Maple Fudge $3.00

2oz Salted Maple Fudge $3.00

4oz Maple Ice Cream $3.00

6oz Maple Ice Cream $4.00

Maple Mustards

3.5oz Maple Mustard $4.00

7oz Maple Mustard $7.00

3.5oz Garlic Dill Maple Mustard $4.00

7oz Garlic Dill Maple Mustard $7.00

3.5oz Onion Dill Maple Mustard $4.00

7oz Onion Dill Maple Mustard $7.00

3.5oz Garlic Onion Maple Mustard $4.00

7oz Garlic Onion Maple Mustard $7.00

3.5oz Mild Spicy Maple Mustard $4.00

7oz Mild Spicy Maple Mustard $7.00

3.5oz Hot Spicy Maple Mustard $4.00

7oz Hot Spicy Maple Mustard $7.00


7oz Sweet Pizza Sauce $4.00

14oz Sweet Pizza Sauce $7.00

7oz Spicy Pizza Sauce $4.00

14oz Spicy Pizza Sauce $7.00

7.5oz BBQ Sauce $4.00

15oz BBQ Sauce $7.00

8.5oz Ketchup $4.00

17oz Ketchup $7.00

8.75oz Mild Sweet Heat Chicken Wing Sauce $6.00

8.75oz Medium Sweet Heat Chicken Wing Sauce $6.00

8.75oz Hot Sweet Heat Chicken Wing Sauce $6.00

**Different Flavors of Maple Lemonade and Maple Cider are subject to availability**

12oz Maple Lemonade $3.00

12oz Strawberry Maple Lemonade $4.00

12oz Blackberry Maple Lemonade $4.00

12oz Maple Apple Cider $4.00

12oz Blueberry Maple Lemonade $4.00

12oz Pineapple Maple Lemonade $4.00

12oz Cherry Maple Lemonade $4.00